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This is my personal favorite post of mine! We got the first heavy snowfall while I was working at the stadium. So, I decided to put on my boots and start the hike up to the very top of the bleachers. The view was so breath taking, I didn’t care to be out in the cold to snap this shot.

After taking this shot, I had to upload it to Adobe Lightroom to get the right contrast/exposure etc. so you can see the city in the background. Then I transferred it to Adobe Photoshop to digital edit the black spots created from changing the exposure. Next, I transferred out of Photoshop as a split image (2) so I can upload it as a carousal on Instagram.
This is the original of the photo above before all my edits.
#TribeReplay – April 21, 2020

On this date, we aired a re-run of game two of the 2016 ALDS.
I decided to bring up old footage of LeBron and the Cavs crew pumping up the crowd before the game as my post for the game. Obviously, the Cavs won the championship that year, so this moment was more than special.
All I can say about this is that quarantine brings out creativity and that I wasted a lot of water making this…
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Smoother than butter. 🤭

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Smoother than butter is right.

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So, what 3 jerseys are your favorite? 🤔

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I created this graphic to boost an engagement in the comments. Content such as this is especially important right now during the Covid-19 pandemic since there is no baseball being played.
It was Draft Day and Cleveland loves some Baker… enough said there.

We ❤️ our #GirlDads

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This was a graphic to inform our fans the official statement from the team.
For our 2020 home opener, we decided to ask our fans to throw out a first pitch at home and post it to be featured on our IG story.

I went back through archive images and found out that Drake threw a first pitch in Cleveland? Yeah, I was shocked too.
On Easter I decided to have our fans participate in an Easter egg hunt on both IG and Facebook.
I hid five eggs in the photo above and below. Can you find them?

Happy Easter! 😁 We have hidden 5 eggs in this photo for you to find. Comment below if you find them all!

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Vizquel double play – 1997 ALCS Game 6

No one turns double plays like Vizquel! 😎 Catch Game 6 of the 1997 AL Championship Series tonight at 7:00pm on SportsTime Ohio!

Posted by Cleveland Indians on Monday, April 6, 2020

Remember when we did the impossible and came back from a 12-run deficit in 2001? Want to watch the Indians do the impossible again? 😎 Tune in to STO tonight at 8:00p.m. ET!

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Happy #NationalPuppyDay! 🐶 Drop some pictures of your good boys and good girls in the comments!

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We are excited for this season! How about you?

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We play baseball today! 😄⏰ 3:05 p.m. ET 📺 SportsTime Ohio

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Happy Leap Day!

Posted by Cleveland Indians on Saturday, February 29, 2020

PSA 🗣 We are one month out!

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Congrats on your retirement Lonnie!

Lonnie played 688 games in the majors and all were in an Indians jersey. How about a Chisenhall walk-off to celebrate his retirement!

Posted by Cleveland Indians on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Indians win 10-2 in our home opener! 👏

Posted by Cleveland Indians on 2020 m. vasario 25 d., antradienis

It's off to work we go.

Posted by Cleveland Indians on 2020 m. vasario 20 d., ketvirtadienis

Guess what arrived in Goodyear, AZ today! 👀 Pitchers and catchers report in one week!

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The following listed below contains miscellaneous social posts.

With Anthony Davis heading to L.A. to team up with LeBron… I knew I had to get this quickly made and up on social media! Inspired by one of my favorite retro video games, NBA JAM.
I also had to add two of my favorite Cavaliers players to this design! I love these young guys!

I noticed that The Bob Feller Act of Valor’s Instagram page did not have eye catching posts from the main page. It is crucial for each post to stand out, yet have harmony to the related posts. Therefore, I created this template for all future podcast episode announcements.

When Kawhi Leonard hit that buzzer beater in the 2019 playoffs to send the 76ers home, I knew I had to quickly come up with a GIF to post to social media. It’s crucial to come up with funny memes/gifs ASAP when a crazy play is made.

The Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation holds its annual award ceremony in Washington D.C. This year, I implemented the seven days leading up to the #ActofValorAwardCeremony. We highlighted one award winner each day leading up the ceremony to share with our followers who these amazing individuals are.

As I pushed the #ActofValorAwardCeremony hashtag leading up the the annual event, it was important to also utilize this hashtag during the ceremony. Since people were already taking photos during the night, why not have them tag us in all of their posts to gain a larger audience?

The signed limited edition book was autographed by National Baseball Hall of Famer Randy Johnson and current MLB pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, Ian Kennedy.

Well… if you haven’t guessed it yet… I’m a huge Cleveland fan. And a Baker Mayfield fan.

I always thought how interesting it is for a professional athlete to grow up in the digital world and have such easy access to social media — for the good and the bad.

Charles Barkley didn’t have Twitter to go vent his frustrations or to stick up for himself. But, man I sure wish he did! That would be some great content.

An example of photoshopping a players jersey when they switch teams.

I can’t lie and say I didn’t try to buy season tickets when OBJ came to Cleveland… I had fun shading this graphic to highlight the “golden” football.

I like to bring humor to my Twitter when I can. The rumors behind the 2019-20 Miami Dolphins tanking can be supported by the team’s trades of their players for future draft picks. This GIF is a reaction of how Dolphins fans might feel about not having many great players left… Yikes….

Darius Garland was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the 5th overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

He showed up to the draft in this outfit and it inspired me to remove the phone out of his hand and replace it with a lightsaber …. because why not?

“This is a new day, a new beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano