Here you can find my camera, editing, and producing work!

eFOX19 (WXIX): Footage I gathered during a men’s basketball game (Newport vs. Holy Cross). After grabbing the highlights, I would go back to the news studio to quickly edit them together before the live show at 10:00pm.

FOX19 (WXIX): 9th Region Semifinals (Beechwood versus Cooper). I loved the environment in BB&T arena! This was a close game that went to overtime… but Beechwood pulled through to go to their first regional final in 70 years.

University of Cincinnati vs. East Carolina University (shot for FOX19)

Skip to 21 seconds to see an amazing catch!

2019 Division III Softball Championship – Thomas More vs Wilson College (Shot for FOX19)

Toledo Walleye at the Cincinnati Cyclones

Cyclones fans are always stacking up their empty beer cans on the glass. It takes just one shove, one misplace of a can, or one knock on the glass to get those cans to come rumbling down.

At the end of this video you can see one’s fan “beer-a-mid” plummet down

Follow the link on the black button above to watch a 90 second video honoring the Cleveland Cavaliers as they approach their 50th season. I had a lot of fun digging up old videos over the past 50 years and trying to figure out a way to tell a story, instead of just highlights.

The video starts with older footage of the team, so I had to incorporate older editing techniques such as the camera countdown and wipes. Then, as the story progressed, so did the music, transitions, and editing style.